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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter symbolism in dreams

Okay let’s look at a few of the symbols regarding the Easter and that often show up in ones dreams.

I’ll start with the primary focus: The Christ: This is an archetypal image that can represent the dreamer’s spiritual self–the cosmic mystery of what you are. He represents spiritual truth and purity (whatever that is) and self-fulfillment. He also has many personal meanings attached to the dreamer that can be used to determine the meaning of the dream within the context of the overall theme of the dream and one’s waking life. Note: Mohammad, Buddha or Shiva can represent the same archetypal symbol.

His sacrifice can also be symbolic of your need to let go of what restricts you e.g. an idea, way of being, belief, attitude so that you can be reborn into your greater self.

The Christ figure can also represent other archetypal figures such as the Hero, or the King. He represents powerful forces acting upon your personality.

Death and resurrection–the basics of transformation and transcendence often show up in dreams when someone needs to move on in their life. It is often said that someone needs to die to something in order for something new to enter his or her life. Let go of what you think you know or you’ll never know anything.

“…now how can I be
a skeptic
about the
resurrection and
coming to life again

since in this world
I have many times
like my own imagination
died and
been born again

that is why
after a long agonizing life
as a hunter
I finally let go and got
hunted down and became free”

The cross: Can be about suffering and/or sacrifice, difficulties and trials. Do you have some cross to bear? Why?

Betrayal: (as with Judas, or the falling asleep of the disciples, or the Jewish leaders of the day) This could represent your own suspicions about somebody or something and often shows up in a dream when the dreamer is simultaneously experiencing some insecurity and facing major life affecting issues. It is also a symbol for self-pity. Other associations may be with feeling “left out”, “left behind”, unsupported, and untrusting.

Easter: Trials may be over (or just beginning). Hold your head high and without shame.

Last supper: A farewell. Last chance. The end of something, your interpersonal relationships and/or social behavior. Sharing. Offering of sustenance.

Holy Grail: As in Looking for it. Fulfillment, trying to find ones self or trying to find an aspect of self that is lost, ignored, or hidden.

Resurrection: An awakening. Awareness. Renewed energy. Being born into something new. A new idea or way of being. The need for re-enlivening something or your self. Perhaps you’ll overcome some obstacle or hardship?  An old memory coming back to haunt. This can also represent the ego-self’s desire to live forever or to not have something end.

Heaven: Quest for happiness or an escape from the trials of life. The desire to transcend some issue or problem. To feel blessed or the desire for bliss and peacefulness. A place where you’ll feel loved and accepted. Triumph of good over some evil. For some it may be a symbol for trying to deal with the fear of death. It can also represent the reunification of your separate parts with the whole e.g. the human with God, body with soul, or spirit and mind.

So what are eggs and bunny rabbits all about? These are usually symbols for Spring–the Vernal Equinox. The Easter egg can be symbolic for potential or wonder i.e. open up to your own potentials and wonderment. They are also seen as the seed of life and new life and therefor can represent the resurrection of the Christ, or new beginnings in the dreamer’s life. Memories and their associated feelings of past Easter egg hunts can also add meaning to this symbol in a dream.

If on a hunt for Easter eggs in a dream you might ask what it is you’re hunting for, what are you pursuing, or trying to find that may have been hidden from or by you?

Easter basket: Are you putting all your eggs in one basket and thus making yourself vulnerable, or limiting yourself?

Rabbits can be about luck, magic, abundance, fertility and love. This little fellow has sometimes been referred to as the rabbit-spirit and a symbol of nonaggression and idealism. As a bunny it can represent ones vulnerability.

Rabbits can also represent an invitation or temptation to explore your inner or subconscious self such as represented by the White Rabbit in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (see Down the Rabbit Hole on the Dreaming Wizard website).

Much of Robert’s venture into The Archipelago of Dreams was about transcendence, sacrifice, resurrection and renewal.

Happy Easter everyone!